Musique et paroles par Joy Kane


Music and Lyrics by Joy Kane

Night snow falls on our town,
We sleep on 'neath white down.
Snow, Oh! Never have I seen such snow!
No, Never have I seen such snow,
Oh! Never have I seen such snow, snow, snow.
Watch out! Be careful, it's icy. Watch out! The streets are all Icy.
Watch out the traffic is dicey. Careful, be careful, take care.
Feels like silk and pearls it feels like lace upon my face;
Feels like the velcet of a wedding cape, like a bride in white as she approaches her wedding day.
Sound of, no sound in the silent night.
Silence on silence falls like the snow in the silent, silent, the white night.
On the highway, on the routes and toads, and on the boulevards, on the avenue and on the path its coming very hard on the house and out in back, cov'ring ev'ry step and track, it comes, coming down keeps on coming down, 't I can hardly see what I think I see. Blanketing the town, Now's a grat soft quilt made of velvet and silk and of pearls and of down.

Step by step the past is passing as we go through the night, through the bright ever ever falling snow.