The Dalcroze Method

The Methode Jaques Dalcroze, is based on the premise that your body is your instrument presents a perfect synthesis of music and dance. Moving through space, creating rhythm with balls, clapping and finding the pleasure that is music through movement is what gives joy to humans. Musicians and Dancers alike enjoy the creativity that the Methode Dalcroze unleashes. Far from a didactic teaching method, Dalcroze is an active form.The premise of Dalcroze is that your body is your primary instrument. Music is part of the nature of being human. The heart beat and the breath are the fundamentals of rhythm. The Series "You are the Music" is comprised of seven books, which teach Solfeggio,Modes and Rhythm in a lively and playful sequence which combines music and movement. The lyrics support the vocalization of sound in a way that they transmits the intended experience in an integrated manner. The use of props as balls, scarves, drums and bean bags takes the student out of conceptualization and the mental realm into the experience of being music itself.